Welcome to your Grassroots

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey on the major parties sent out last week! To get a better understanding on specific aspects of the survey, we are following up on the following question: In your opinion, how should a political party be structured – Top Down or Grassroots? We would appreciate your feedback on the following questions:

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1. Does the average citizen need to be directly involved in order for a grassroots party to be effective?

2. Do you believe the average citizen currently has a significant enough understanding of the US and State Constitutions and how local government operate to be effective in a grassroots party?

3. The most important person in a grassroots party is the precinct committeeman. If you were provided training on the committeeman roles and responsibilities, how local government works, and other related topics would you consider being a committeeman in a grassroots party?

4. If you answered 'Yes' to Question 3, how many hours a week on average would you be willing to invest in this role?

5. It takes money to support candidates running for office, and a grassroots party is likely to be self-funded by its members. How much money would you be willing to donate to the grassroots party on an annual basis?