Campaign In A Box

Campaign In A Box (CIAB) has been developed by and for those who come to the conclusion that Levy Issues are not always in the best interest of the Citizenry.


Often the ‘Taxing Subdivision’ that is placing a Levy on the ballot has not taken into consideration the following:

  • The actual budget requirements facilitating the Levy.
  • The burden of their ‘Taxing Subdivision’ Levy in the aggregate cost of all the Levies already taxing the Citizenry.
  • Continuous Levies: in so many ways ‘Take Away The Vote’ of future levies and should be addressed by the Citizenry.
  • Board Members of taxing subdivisions do not always even know how to read a budget let alone follow common sense Fiscal Responsibility to the Citizens.
  • Silo effect by taxing subdivisions compounds property tax cost to Citizens


A campaign to inform the Citizenry of the actual issues and deter them from adding additional cost burden to their Property Taxes.

Request To Participate:

To Participate in implementing the Campaign In A Box (CIAB) strategy in your local; we require a screening process.

The purpose of this process is to ensure that you will be successful in your endeavors with engaging in the process of an election cycle.

Our intent is to be able to assess, with you, the initial proposition of looking at a 'Levy' and evaluate with you, its value or harm to the Citizenry (Property Tax Payers) in the taxing subdivision.

As you have serious interest in the potentials of challenging any ballot measure or specifically a Levy - Then we ask you to 'click' and  follow to: CIAB Participation Evaluation

** Upon Acceptance through the Evaluation to Participate There is a $100.00 Membership.

What Membership gives:

  1.  Your team receives the Campaign In A Box Process Manuel - developed by Citizens who have been successful countering Levies or Issues.
  2. Access to Direct Resources for Developed Data relative to your County.
  3. Four (4) hours of assistance from a TWG Team Member.

Thank you,

The TWG Team