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Data Gathering

The Tax Working Group has the capacity to review the public data for the various Counties. The data is analyzed to determine if a County's Population is incurring Property Tax growth greater than inflation.

The Unaffordability Indicator

Through great effort and testing an 'indicator' has been developed that considers the 'Unaffordability' of Levies in a County.

1st Aid For Tax Payers

Troubled by Property Taxes?

When the Property Tax Bill comes most never see it. When those that understand do, they are often shocked and wonder what can be done? Asking: Who did this to me? How to I do something about it? Who are the Taxing Authorities?

Bleeding From Property Taxes?

The Tax Working Group is a resource for those wanting to put more than a dressing on the internal hemorrhaging of Self-Inflicted taxation. Yes, for the most part Property Taxes only can happen by You voting for them. Find out more on not just 1st Aid but real containment.


Campaign In A Box (CIAB)

When you have a grip on understanding the Data and the Issue of a Levy is 'emotional' greater than factual, then CIAB is the next step.

Discerning Action:

With great discernment and deliberate review of an interested Citizens understanding of the 'Taxing Subdivision'; the Tax Working Group has developed the CIAB to give a quick start to a campaign challenge.


When it comes to Property Taxes there are a lot of terms that get confusing fast. The Glossary provided is in the context of the KISC Principle ( Keep It Simple Citizen Principle).

We will do our best to explain these complexities.



Campaign In A Box

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Lobbyists for Citizens feed

This will be a steady feed from Lobbyists for Citizens, which is one of our best active local groups.

Blog Communications

The purpose of the blogs on this site is to communicate to the Citizenry that: The majority of Levies Must be Authorized by the Citizens whether or Not you actually […]

Collusion! DeWine and NOACA

Heads up.  NOACA has the following resolution on their agenda for Friday for the board meeting, which supports the Mike Dewine 18 cents gas tax increase.    The public is welcome […]

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Our skills

Our skill are from a Citizens volunteer group of Forensic Accountants, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Political Leaders, Elected Persons, Media Persons, Investment Persons and Think Tank Contributors. Most importantly, all skills are combined from the Citizenry that understands that government, especially bureaucracies that impact Property taxes, must be evaluated and brought into alignment with the capacity of Citizens to maintain affordability of local government.
Forensic Accounting:
Campaign Analysis:
Public Budget Analysis:
Board of Directors Analysis:
Aggregate Property Tax Analysis:

A message from the Team Leader

Welcome to the Tax Working Group! We look forward to sharing the results of our research on property taxes in Northeast Ohio, which shows our property taxes overall are growing at an unsustainable rate. Property taxes damage the financial viability of too many of our neighbors, and we hope you will partner with us by fighting property tax levies in your community by utilizing our anti-levy advice and campaign know how. The unsustainable rise in property taxes is a very serious issue which confronts all of us, but we must solve the needs of our community in ways which do not exclusively rely on taxpayer dollars. We look forward to working with you! Thanks,