Rep. Callendar Meeting Recap

Thanks to our fellow patriots in Geauga county for their participation and fine recap of the meeting held in Representative Jamie Callendar’s Concord office on March 1st.

The intent was to direct the conversation on legislative changes being proposed within the Legislature. But there are other core issues that came up by Rep. Callendar, which the linked article clearly articulate.

It seems conclusive that we all can agree that concerned citizens need to band together, because, quite frankly, our State legislators will do absolutely NOTHING until citizens unite and start “storming the castle” of the legislative elites.  We will get no help from local councilmen, trustees, or commissioners. 

Considering that school funding and how levies in general affect Property Taxes we are not confident that the Legislature will act for a clear solution. And as the linked article shows, transparency regarding the details of the Gas Tax is more manipulative than ringing with clarity. Therefore, we are coming to the realization that a ballot initiative prepared by the voters of Ohio and submitted to State officials may be our only hope.